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Data Privacy

Privacy Preserving Data Mining (PPDM)

Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC)


This web page includes slides and other material related to my book (and courses based on the content of the book):
  • V. Torra (2017) Data privacy: Foundations, new developments and the big data challenge, Springer. Link Springer

Other slides related to courses and seminars related to data privacy (including code with examples) can be found here.
Book slides:
Slides corresponding to the content of the book used in PhD and master courses. In brackets, chapters and sections in the book.
PhD course:
Slides used in the PhD course Introduction to Data Privacy (U. of Linköping, 2013)
The course:
The following links describe the content of the course, the assignments, and the exam.
  • Course plan: planning.pdf
  • Assignment: assignment.pdf
  • Files: census.csv
  • Exam: exam.pdf (v. 02)
    The figure can be downloaded here (file xjRUmaps.pdf)
  • Articles, and Links to articles:
    • Warren, S. D., Brandeis, L. (1890) The Right to Privacy, Harvard Law Review IV:5 (15 December 1890) html@MIT
    • Edman, M., Yener, B. (2009) On anonymity in an electronic society: a survey of anonymous communication systems, ACM Computing Surveys 42. paper@ACM DL, pdf@ucf


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